Sunglasses have become a major fashion accessory; visit Vraitch Vision for the latest designs

When you’re exposed to the sun – at home or abroad – you reach for your hat and sun cream to protect your skin from burning.

But what about your eyes; they burn too.

There are three types of ultraviolet radiation that come from the sun and two of them – UVA and UVB – can damage your eyes. Short term exposure to these types of radiation can lead to photokeratitis which is also known as sunburn of the eye. Although this condition is not permanent it can be uncomfortable and extremely painful.

If you allow your eyes to be exposed to the sun for a number of years you could develop a more serious, permanent eye condition such as macular degeneration. This is an eye problem that affects your central vision and eventually leads to blindness.

The best way to ensure that your eyes are protected from the sun is to wear sunglasses that filter out harmful ultraviolet rays. At Vraitch Vision we have a large selection of the latest designs so that you can look stylish whilst knowing that your eyesight is 100% protected.

Sunglasses today have become a major fashion accessory. For that reason we stock ranges by top designers including Gucci, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors so that you can leave us looking great. We can also fit nearly all of our eyewear with prescription and non-prescription lenses.