retinal photo

The retina of the eye is the same as the film of a camera; no film, no images

You want to know that every aspect of your eye health has been covered when you visit the optician. The best way to ensure that your entire eye is healthy – the parts you can see and the parts you can’t – is by having your retina photographed.

The retina is the layer of cells at the back of your eye that captures images. Just like the film of a camera if your retina gets damaged, you will no longer be able to see properly.

At Vraitch Vision we highly recommend that you and your family incorporate a retinal photograph into your annual eye examinations. Due to the location of your retina, one of our opticians will be able to manually see up to 45 degrees of this part of your eye. However, retinal imaging technology allows us to see up to 200 degrees.

We have a retinal imaging machine at both of our practices. The technology creates specialist wide spread images which allow our professionals to diagnose health problems such as diabetes and cancer, as well as eye conditions.

Once the image of the back of your eye has been taken, the optician will assess your optic disc and the different layers of your retina, checking for retinal lesions. They will also extend their examination across the peripheral areas of your retina to check for any harmful changes in the tissue.

When we take retinal photographs of our patients’ eyes we keep every image on file so that we can use it as a comparison on future visits. This also means that should a doctor or ophthalmologist ever require a picture of your retina, we are able to email it or put it on disk to be sent.