Do you spend a lot of time near water, driving or playing sports? Polarised lenses could help

Polarised lenses work to filter incoming light so that your eyes are exposed to less glare and haze and are able to see more comfortably.

You’ll probably be familiar with the amount of glare that typically comes from wet roads when it’s sunny, off the surface of a body of water, or even from snow and ice in bright light. The amount you have to squint to see properly will let you know that glare is present! Polarised lenses cut down the glare in all of these conditions, making it safer and more comfortable for you in a variety of situations.

Polarised lenses are often available in combination with many other features that you might need from your eyewear, including varifocal or even photochromic lenses, so you can truly receive the best of both worlds!

Leading eyewear brand Maui Jim specialise in polarised lenses which include colour enhancing technology for an even more comfortable visual experience. This feature ensures that colours aren’t distorted or dulled as is the case with some polarised or darker lenses. You can browse our range of Maui Jim products in practice, or find out more about them here.