contact lenses

Look forward to discounts on your full eye care package with our Contact Lens Schemes

Thanks to advancements in lens technology, contact lenses today are made from lots of different materials. This means that you can now experience comfortable, crystal clear vision for longer periods.

Contact lenses are fast becoming a popular alternative to spectacles thanks to the wide variety of options available. Whether you’re looking to improve your safety whilst playing sport; have a teenager who’s reluctant to wear glasses, or fancy a different eye colour for a special occasion – contact lenses could be the answer.

When it comes to choosing the right contact lenses for you there is a lot you need to take into consideration; how often will you be wearing your lenses? How long will you be wearing your lenses? What will you wear your lenses for?

Once you’ve answered these questions one of our optical experts will help you find the perfect eyewear to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

You have the choice from the following options:

bullet pointDaily disposables

bullet pointGas permeable

bullet pointContinuous wear

bullet pointColoured and many more…

As well as offering lots of different types of contact lenses, we also have a number of Contact Lens Schemes to suit your individual needs. If you choose to become a member of one of our schemes we can tailor it to suit you perfectly; right down to how often you pay for your eyewear and where it’s delivered to. You can even look forward to generous discounts on spectacles and other eye care essentials.

For more information on the benefits of contact lenses, or to speak to someone about our various Contact Lens Schemes call one of our practices.