childrens eye exam

We invest the time it takes to test children’s eyes no matter what their age or reading ability

When it comes to your child’s eyes you want to know that they’re in the very best hands. You want optical professionals with lots of experience, patience and personality. You’ll find all these things at Vraitch Vision. Your little one should have their eyes tested before they go to school. Up until the age of 8 your child’s eyes can be ‘moulded’ which means most minor eye conditions, such as squints and short sightedness, can be rectified. National research has found that children who go to school with undiagnosed eye conditions are likely to become frustrated with reading and writing tasks. This can ultimately lead to a dip in their academic scores, as well as the possibility of a permanent sight problem in the future.

When you visit Vraitch Vision your little one can look forward to a fun and interactive eye exam with one of our friendly and approachable optometrists. Our in-depth sight tests include lots of exciting activities before your youngster gets to wear the ‘silly glasses.’ It doesn’t matter how old your child is or what their reading capabilities are. At our practice we invest the time it takes to test children. Children’s eyewear is something we take very seriously. We appreciate that your child wants exciting frames that they can’t wait to wear. For that reason we stock great ranges from Nike, Guess and Zoobug.