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Blue light is constantly in your surroundings. Are your eyes protected?

Blue light is present in the atmosphere all the time, whether it’s sunny, cloudy or raining. It is a part of the natural spectrum of light. In moderate levels, blue light is needed to regulate sleep-wake cycles, mood and cognitive performance.

However, too much blue light can be detrimental to your eyes, contributing significantly to premature ageing around the eye area, retinal damage, and also the development of macular degeneration. Blue light is emitted in large amounts from devices such as smartphones, laptops, televisions and low-energy lightbulbs, so modern lifestyles place most of us at risk of damage from serious overexposure.

The good news is that a special blue-light reducing coating can be applied to your lenses to prevent harmful UV rays and blue-violet light from entering your eyes, whilst still allowing the beneficial blue-turquoise light through.

At Vraitch Vision we use a blue-light reducing coating from leading lens brand Seiko, so you can be sure you’re receiving excellent quality protection for your eyes and visual health.