An anti-reflection coating will prevent light reflecting behind your lenses, as well as in front

Do you ever look at or come across computers, headlights, indoor lights, mobile phones or other technological devices in your everyday life? We thought so! These are known as ‘point sources’ of light – a distinct localised area. The reality is that everyone who comes into contact with any point source of light would benefit from an anti-reflection coating on their glasses.

This coating essentially works to remove the reflection of light from both the front and back surfaces of your lenses. The outcome is not only reduced glare from lights that you see, but also allows others to see your eyes more clearly in your glasses and in photographs. Reducing glare from lights means that night-time driving and computer use in particular are much more comfortable.

Anti-reflection coatings can also be applied to sunglasses, to reduce intense glare and discomfort from the sunlight.